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My newest book, MELANCHOLIA: Lovelorn Letters from a Shattered Psyche, is NOW AVAILABLE as both a paperback and an eBook!

It is nearly 300 pages and contains nearly 50 original poems focusing on themes of love, heartbreak, horror and gender identity. It also contains numerous photos and illustrations to accompany the poems :)

Due to printing costs, two versions are available for purchase. 

One is a full-color version, with all of the photos beautifully vibrant and haunting. The second is the same version, but with all photos in black and white. The reason for this is that printing in full-color causes the book to be $52 to the general public, while b&w printing is only $11.

However, being the author, I receive the books at a massive discount, so, what I am doing is allowing people to purchase via the links below, OR contact me, and I can order them a copy, sign and mail it and it will cost them less than half of the listed price. You can obtain this discount by purchasing from my ETSY SHOP, and selecting either the full-color or black and white option in the “color” drop-down box :) Other options are:



Be sure when using Amazon to check all viewing/price options, to ensure you are selecting the version you want!

As I said, if you want the full-color version for a fraction of the cost ($25), you can contact me directly!

Thank you!

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